Tinder Press Open Submission

January 19, 2015

**We would like to thank you for all your fantastic submissions in March – in the end Tinder Press received over 2,000 entries. We are currently reading through these, a process we should have completed by the end of the summer. If your entry was successful, you should have heard from us by this point. Thanks again – Team Tinder Press**

Headline imprint Tinder Press will celebrate two years of publishing by opening submissions for unagented manuscripts for two weeks in March.

Tinder Press Publisher Mary-Anne Harrington said ‘Since we launched Tinder Press with the publication of INSTRUCTIONS FOR A HEATWAVE by Maggie O’Farrell, we’ve had a huge amount to celebrate, and 2015 is already shaping up to be an exciting year, with new novels from Patrick Gale and Sarah Winman.

‘At Tinder Press we are committed to finding the freshest literary voices, and the time seems right for us to reach out directly to authors at an early stage in their careers. This business is all about discovering new talent, so we’re hoping to be surprised and delighted, and that at the end of the day we’ll find an author we can go on to work with in the future.’

Tinder Press have partnered with The Reading Agency to launch the campaign, which will be promoted to libraries and readers during the submission period with posters and flyers offered to participating libraries. The Reading Agency will also promote the offer to reading groups through its Reading Groups for Everyone website.

‘Knowing the close connection libraries have with writers, we are delighted to be partnering with Tinder Press to bring a unique opportunity like this to library audiences and reading groups.’ – Karen Brodie, Head of Publisher Relations at The Reading Agency.

From 2nd to 15th March, the imprint will be open to accept fifty pages, an outline and an author biography from previously unpublished writers of fiction. Short stories will be considered, in addition to novels.

All entered books must be complete, and written in English. Submissions will be read by the imprint’s editors. Full manuscripts may then be requested, and selected authors will have the opportunity to meet with one of the Tinder Press editors.

Submissions will only be accepted electronically, and should be made via tinderpress.submissions@headline.co.uk

The Reading Agency
The Reading Agency is a leading independent charity whose pioneering work brings the joy of reading to the widest possible audiences across the UK, in partnership with the public library service. The charity’s mission is to create and deliver innovative reading opportunities inspiring more people to read more, encouraging them to share their enjoyment of reading with others and celebrating the difference that reading makes to all our lives. The Reading Agency is funded by the Arts Council. www.readingagency.org.uk


Please note that no submissions will be accepted before 2 March 2015.

Can I enter more than one submission?
Due to the high volume of submissions expected, we will be limiting this to one manuscript per author.

How should the 50 pages be presented?
The 50 pages should be in 12 pt, in a font similar to Times New Roman, double-spaced and should be the first 50 pages of the manuscript. Please ensure that the spelling and grammar of your submission is in the best condition possible before submitting. Please submit your submission as an attachment to the email. This may be in either PDF or Word format.

What books are eligible?
Tinder Press publishes adult literary fiction. Regrettably, this means that children’s fiction (including YA) and poetry will not be considered. Please consider whether your novel will fit in with our list before submitting.

Will I get feedback on my submission?
We will request the full manuscript if we feel your first 50 pages have potential to fit on our list. Due to the large amount of submissions anticipated, regrettably we will not be able to respond if you are unsuccessful.

What is your definition of ‘published author’?
By published author we mean that you have had a book published under your own name by a recognised publishing house. Short stories and poetry in anthologies or self-published novels will not disqualify you.

I’m not from the UK. Can I still enter?
We will be accepting submissions from worldwide, as long as they are written in the English language.


263 commments on “Tinder Press Open Submission”

  • Katie says:


    Would that be 50 pages with Times New Roman font (double-spaced)? Also, can we enter more than one submission?

    • tinderadmin says:

      Hi Katie,

      Many thanks for your comment and questions. The 50 pages should be 12 pt, in a font like Times New Roman and should be double spaced. We will be limiting each author to one submission each. I hope this answers your questions, do let me know if I can help with anything else.

    • Dor says:

      A lot of people in the comments are asking about what 50 pages means so I’ll put my reply to you since it’s at the top. Please note, I’m not an admin or any kind of official speaker, I’m just somebody who knows how submissions work.

      Take your manuscript. Set the spacing to double, the font to Times New Roman, and the size to 12 point.

      Go to the end of the 50th page of your double spaced, TMS fonted, 12 point MS.

      Find an intelligent place to end. If your previous chapter/scene ends on the 48th page or the 52nd page, that’s where you break, not in the middle of a sentence. Nobody is going to shout because you’ve sent slightly more/less than has been specified. If they read that far, it’s a good thing. A few pages either side is fine, sending 67 because that’s when it gets to the exciting bit is not.

      Hope this clears things up for a few people, and good luck everybody!

  • Andy Holmes says:

    Hi there,

    This looks interesting and I’d like to enter, but the two novels I’ve written have already been self published and are available to buy via Amazon’s KDP.

    Does that mean they can’t be submitted for this?


  • Maite says:

    This is interesting, but I’ve got two questions:

    1) 50 pages: I echo Katie’s question. Or do I just assume Microsoft Word’s default standards?

    2) Geographical restrictions: There’s no mention of them, I know. But I’m from Chile, and I don’t think you have editors here.

    • tinderadmin says:

      Hi Maite,

      The 50 pages should be 12 pt, in a font like Times New Roman and should be double spaced. There are no geographical restrictions to this, we only ask that whatever you submit is written in English.

  • Lori Stephens says:

    Echoing Mr. Holmes’ query: Are authors of self-published books eligible?

  • Jennifer says:

    Can I submit more than one manuscript?

    Thanks a lot,

  • Sharon says:

    I have been a finalist in some literary competitions and one of my short stories and a couple of poems have been published in their respective anthologies; does this count me out?

    • tinderadmin says:

      Hi Sharon,

      By ‘unpublished author’ we mean you must not have had a book published in your name by a publishing house previous to this competition. I hope this helps.

  • mummymummy says:

    I’ve had 3 short stories published in womags but no published novels or short story collections. Please could you let me know if I can still submit to you?
    Many thanks

    • tinderadmin says:


      By ‘unpublished author’, we mean that you must not have had a book published in your name by a publishing house previous to this competition. I hope this helps.

  • Kathy Andrew says:

    Do you accept manuscripts from residents of the USA, or is it UK residents only?

  • Jo says:

    Are there any age restrictions for submitting manuscripts through this initiative? If not, will parental consent be required at submission for underage writers?

  • Jenny says:

    Hi Tinder Press, what a great opportunity.
    I’ve had short stories published in anthologies, but no actual book of my own. Will I be eligible to submit?
    My fingers are crossed,

  • Barbara James says:

    Can I submit a book for young children?

    • tinderadmin says:

      Hi Barbara,

      I’m afraid that Tinder Press publishes adult literature only, and so we will not be considering children’s books.

  • Ruth Geldard says:

    Dear Tinder Press,

    are the fifty pages, consecutive, from the beginning of the book?
    Apologies if I am being dense.

  • Lee Reilly says:

    I have never published a book of fiction. However, I have published nonfiction.

    Am I eligible?

  • Chloe Greene says:

    Tinder sounds like exactly the sort of publisher I would love to have my work in progress, and subsequent instalments of the trilogy, printed by. However I have been working on it for over a year, and am just in the process of a final rewrite. I am confident I can have complete by the submission date, despite being in the middle of moving house- down sizing from 6 to 3 bedrooms, while my husband has just had a heart attack and I work full time in a homeless hostel- I love a challenge! However I am not so confident that I will also have time to have it perfectly edited too. Will this affect how seriously you will consider my submission, or are you expecting manuscripts that still need a final copy edit?
    Thank you, Chloe

    • tinderadmin says:

      Hi Chloe,

      Copyediting is done in house so I am sure that will not be an issue. Just submit your manuscript in the best possible condition.

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  • Jean cox says:

    I have several short story’s, some of them just a few pages in length. I also have completed the first draft of a novel, which I am currently working on to add more depth to the characters. My question is this, can I submit several of the short stories or just one. Or a synopsis and 50 pages of the novel which have already been reworked.
    Thank you.

  • Maria says:

    You state that you accept adult literary fiction. Does this extend to cover New Adult Paranormal Romance or Fantasy?

    • tinderadmin says:

      Hi Maria,

      I am afraid Tinder Press does not cover either of those genres and so we will not be considering submissions in that vein.

  • Alison says:


    I’ve had a non-fiction book published by the BBC under my maiden name, co-written with someone else.

    Does this discount me? Thank you.

  • Caroline says:

    I see that you don’t accept stories for younger children, but would you accept submissions in the older Young Adult or New Adult genres?

  • Caroline says:

    I just noticed that the protagonist in one of your books is 15 years old, so I guess that answers my question. Thank you!

  • Latasha says:

    I have one book published just recently published by a small publishing company, does that mean I cannot submit for this?

  • Tony Spencer says:

    I assume the 50pp are A4 or American Quarto size rather than finished book size?

  • Shirley says:

    I see you accept short stories and assume this to mean a collection. Do the individual stories within the collection have to be previously unpublished?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Chen says:


    I was just wondering if you’re willing to accept any type of genre? For example, would you except anything that would come under LGBT writing?

    Many thanks

  • Polly Nim says:

    When will entrants know to give up hope? When is the latest successful shortlisted authors hear – e.g. roughly 3 months, or 6?

  • Alan Riches says:

    I have recently had a children’s book published under an assisted self publishing group. Does this mean I’m ineligible to enter?
    Thank You

  • Anne Rogers says:

    Do you accept novellas of around 20,000 words?

  • Lucy says:

    Two queries on the plot outline:
    1. How long should it be?
    2..Should the plot outline cover the whole story or can it be written without giving away the ending?
    Thank you

  • Lex says:

    I have a complete novel I have not been able to find a traditional publishing home for. It is currently being presented a couple of chapters a month on a serial publishing website. Will you consider this MS since it has not been entirely “published” there yet?

    • tinderadmin says:

      If the manuscript is being self-published (so you have received no payment for its publication on the website) you may submit the novel.

  • Carolina says:

    When would the full m/s need to be submitted if the 50 pages was short listed?
    And would you be expecting the final m/s to be in final draft stage or would work in progress be ok?
    Thanks Carolina

  • Carolina says:

    When would the full m/s need to be submitted if the 50 pages was short listed?
    And for the final manuscript, are you expecting final final draft (so highly polished!!) or would work in progress be sufficient to give you idea of direction etc?
    Thanks Carolina

    • tinderadmin says:

      The work should be completed to a high a standard as possible. The full m/s would be required at any point from a week after the submission period to a few months after.

  • Janys Hyde says:

    I see that you are ‘open to accept fifty pages’, though I don’t understand how this works for short stories which may well be considerably less than that count. Are there word limits on the short stories? Should a short story writer only submit one story or a collection of short stories.
    Many thanks for any clarification on this point.

  • Katy White says:

    Hi there, if published in children’s fiction and picture books, will this discount a writer from submitting for the adult fiction in your comp?

  • Sarah Thorogood says:

    I have mostly short stories at the moment, can we submit those, or does it have to be a novel?

  • Sandy Norris says:

    I have had a children’s story (26,000 words ) published by the National Maritime Museum. Am I eligible to enter your competition?

  • Juliet Sellars says:

    I am currently only about halfway through my manuscript. If you really liked the first 50 pages and it showed promise, would there be room for discussion about more time to finish or are you looking to publish the novel straightaway?

  • Laura Jean says:

    How should the outline for a short story collection be formatted?


    • Megan Hughes says:

      what an enlightening discussion! I’ve never seen so many silly questions before, from people who haven’t bothered to read the instructions. Gives me an idea of what agents and publishers have to wade through every day; no wonder they don’t have time to respond.

  • Bertie Bassett says:

    Could you please just confirm that you have made up the majority of these questions to provide some light relief? The majority appear to have been written by people who either haven’t bothered to read the submission requirement, have read it and chosen to ignore it, or ask the same questions that have been answered time and again!!

  • Laura says:

    What identifying marks should appear on the MS? Just the title, or also name? Many thanks.

  • David Gladwin says:

    Would you prefer the outline and author biography attached as a single document with the first fifty pages, or separately?

  • Nirmala Pillai says:

    I have put togather my published short stories in magazines and anthologies as a book collection of short stories. This was published by a new publishing company . I have not published a novel nor do I have an agent . I have a completed, revised novel manuscript . Kindly let me know if I can submit it for the competition. Thanking you for your time and patience, N Pillai.

    • tinderadmin says:

      I am not sure what you mean by a ‘new’ publishing company. If you were paid for your book to be published, then you are ineligible for this submission.

  • Anthony Ferner says:

    It seems a bit sad that you do not accept works by people who’ve had *non-fiction* published. I’ve published academic non-fiction book, but fiction is such a different market that the two are like chalk and cheese…. Perhaps you would reconsider this rule for future years of the open call!

    Best regards,


  • Daltina says:

    You said u want d first fifty pages of the novel n d rest requested for if one is selected, but u also said d first fifty pages must b a complete work. Pls i do not understand how d first fifty pages of a novel will b a complete novel except u r writing a novel that will not b more than twenty thousand word count which is not a novel at all but a novella. I also dont knw how u could include d end of a novel in d first fifty pages. I sound baffled bcos am baffled n really, really confused. I have over seven finish novel n i will like to submit one to Tinder press if only am not just so confused.
    Also is a prologue allow in d novel. Thnx

  • Jane Kavuma-Kayonga says:

    Thank you, this is a very good opportunity for emerging writers. I am a new writer from Botswana, Southern Africa; I had my debut fiction novel literary ‘murdered’ by a scam publishing company in New York. USA. in 2012. I eventually had to have it self -published. Is it possible for Tinder Press to give me an opportunity to start a fresh by allowing me to submit the manuscript for my second fiction novel in March? I would be very grateful if my request is favourably considered. Jane

  • Siddharth says:


    I would like to know whether a writer who has been published previously, but whose book has only been contracted for and released in the Indian subcontinent thus far, is still eligible for this initiative.

    Warm Regards,

  • Abdul says:

    Hi, does this include short stories? I have a completed book of short stories.

  • Chris Law says:

    Dear Tinda
    My work is just under fifty pages is it okay to submit it. There is another chapter that im unsure whether to add to the story at present. Please reply to my email.
    Thanking you

  • Chantal says:

    I have only published one article, and two self-published eBooks will I be disqualified if I enter next month? I never have been published by a publisher before.

  • Amy says:

    How many or how few short stories may be entered?

  • K.A.Bennett says:

    When you refer to adult literary fiction, given that many countries have different definitions, would it be safe for me to assume that this includes Women’s Fiction. Second, if the first 50 pages cuts off a sentence/chapter that this is also acceptable?

    • tinderadmin says:

      I’m afraid Tinder Press does not publish commercial women’s fiction and so novels in the genre will not be eligible.

  • John says:

    I agree with Antony. was interested in this but have published “quirky” textbooks. Authoring a “proper” novel is totally different. Pity.

  • Raven Hezierd says:

    What all would you like in the author’s bio section and how long would you like it to be? (sorry if this is a stupid question, I am new to all of this.)

    • tinderadmin says:

      The bio needs only be a short description of the author – perhaps any previous writing experience (university courses) and anything else that seems relevant.

      • Wade Benson says:

        Impossible to find the submission address among all of these labels. I’m not a rookie in this regard, and it feels like a slight of hand attempt to gain subscribers. Please reassure me by giving the exact submission instructions.


    A couple of queries…

    1) My novel includes descriptions of paintings (from the National Gallery) and are illustrated within the novel. Should these be included or just referred to?

    2)I’m uncertain about what you mean by –
    “The 50 pages should be in 12 pt, in a font similar to Times New Roman, double-spaced and should be the first 50 pages of the manuscript.”.

    Does this mean the that you expect the first fifty pages to be reformatted as double spaced (a hundred pages in all), or the first twenty-five pages double spaced (to amount to fifty pages as presented). ?

    Many thanks,


  • Nick Bailey says:

    I haven’t finished my book yet but can submit the first 50 pages. Would you keep open the expression of interest if it has merit?

  • Monika says:

    Hi, two questions:

    1. usually, we are advised not to put author’s name anywhere in the manuscript submitted. Is that the case here too? If so…does it mean I should remove the title page which carries the name of the book and the author?

    2. First fifty pages of the manuscript- is that including or excluding of the title page?

  • Janet says:

    Hello, you have stated that the stories in a short-story collection to be submitted have to be previously unpublished.

    Would this include stories that have been published in anthologies outside of the UK (for example, in Malaysia, Singapore and the USA)?

    I have a short-story collection I would like to submit but some of the stories in there have been published in anthologies/online literary journals outside of the UK.

    • tinderadmin says:


      If only a few of the stories have been published then we will accept the submission. It is if the anthology has been almost completely published before that it would be an issue.

  • Jane Austin says:

    Is it helpful to submit a synopsis alongside the 50 pages?

  • Clodagh Phelan says:

    Could you let me know if the first fifty pages (double spaced) is to include the title page? I presume we leave the dedication page, ackowledgements etc. off.

  • Jane Davis says:

    What a fantastic initiative. I am only sorry it is not open to previously published authors. I won the Daily Mail First Novel Award, but my second novel was rejected because the publisher’s appetite was for women’s fiction and my genre is literary. After four years of being told by every agent that I would be snapped up imminently, I decided to self-publish. Four novels and a box-set later, I have recently had one of my novels selected for inclusion in a multi-author box-set. I would kill for this opportunity. Good luck to all the applicants – you don’t know how lucky you are!

  • Kate Bullard Adams says:

    Does a single-spaced one page synopsis qualify as an outline? Many thanks. -KBA

  • Donald says:

    Hello, I have previously had a crime fiction novel published in a Scandinavian language, but I live in the US and have recently finished a work of literary fiction in English (I have never been published in English). Would that manuscript qualify?

  • Chris says:

    When you say to submit 50 pages, is this 50 a4 pages of the book, which are then double spaced to send you 100 total pages or is it 50 double spaced pages which would be 25 pages of the book?

    Thank you.

  • Chantal says:

    May we write any fiction or just certain specialist fiction? I am writing a romanctiv horror novel or this competition, may I write this?

  • Owen Lennox says:

    My manuscript was shortlisted for a competition in The Writer magazine, unfortunately it didn’t get through to the final three, they were published. After collecting a few rejection slips from Literary Agents I decided to self publish ISBN9780955613708. Would you just want the first fifty pages or should I send the completed novel?

  • Clare Speller says:

    Alongside the 12 point, double-spaced 50 pages, would a 2 page synopsis (12 point 1.5 spaced) be acceptable?

  • Kate says:

    I wish this would be for unpublished work rather than unpublished authors. I was published by a trad publisher 25 years ago for only one of my books but am disqualified on those grounds.

  • Liz says:

    Dear Tinder

    I have published an academic book previously but not a work of fiction, which would be under another name. I am really excited by this opportunity. Am I able to submit?


  • Liz says:

    Scrap that – sorry. I’ve just seen Anthony’s comment above, which makes mine redundant (and which I entirely second-having published in Academia doesn’t make it any easier to get into the fiction market so it’s really disappointing not to be able to take advantage of a fantastic – and rare – opportunity like this.)

  • Kamlesh Rajesham says:

    I have two self published books. One is a non-fiction book and the other, a children’s book. I have with me my first fiction novel, completed and unpublished, am I eligible? Appreciate an answer.
    Many thanks.

  • Jude says:

    Would you like the entry all in the body of the e-mail or do you accept attachments? It is often a security issue. Thank you for your response

  • Mel Jones says:

    Hi, I’ve had a travel memoir published but not a work of fiction. Does that mean I can’t enter? Thanks

  • Phyllis Burton says:

    I have just finished a book, which is ready for submission. I have self-published two other books through Matador (Troubador, Leicester). Would you accept this later one?

  • Catherine Smaridge says:

    I self published a novel several years ago which is in need of serious revision. Although I’ve written other novels I have not published them in any form. Would I have to submit 50 pages from the self published novel or can I submit pages from a more recent and therefore better novel?

    • tinderadmin says:

      You may submit from any novel you want. Our criteria means that if you have been self-published in the past, it doesn’t disqualify you from entering.

  • Peter J Hedge says:


    I have had two novellas published by women’s magazines – People’s Friend, and My Weekly – each about 50,000 and 30,000 words long respectively. They were both released in thin booklets.

    Does this preclude me from your search? I hope not.

    Many thanks,

    Peter J Hedge


  • Jane Cooper says:

    I have been published, but for non-fiction: I write school textbooks.

    Is a submission of my novel still allowable? Thank you.

  • Clodagh Phelan says:

    Thank you for answering my question about the title page. I see you are not accepting paranormal. My book comes within contemporary/magic realism. When I published on Kindle, I had to put it into the paranormal/urban fantasy category because they dont’ have a ‘magic realism’ category though that’s the best fit. When I first submitted it to publishers they tended to say ‘booksellers won’t know what shelf to put it on!’ I do hope that you will accept magic realism.

  • Hermione Laake says:


    I am a jointly-published author, under a nom de plume with an American publisher which is not well known.

    Would you accept 50 pages of this novel cum short story as it is or an earlier version of it in these circumstances?

    Best wishes,


  • Hermione says:

    How do l share this page on twitter? Can’t fond the link?

  • Mich says:

    Do you need an ‘outline’ for a short story collection? If so, what does it entail? Thanks.

  • Hermione says:

    I am jointly-published on Amazon with an American publisher (not well known), in another name; does this preclude me from entering the same for this competition in its current state or an earlier version? I have signed a contract with them, and would have to end that agreement before republishing, if successful.

  • jonathan king says:

    pdf or doc.x?

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  • anadil Iftekhar says:

    Can we submit manuscripts for Novella?

  • Peter J Hedge says:

    Would a “Regular,” Science Fiction – not fantasy – novel written for adult readers qualify?



  • Julie-Ann Corrigan says:

    Do you want a synopsis with the first 50 pages?
    Many thanks,

  • Thomas Kendall says:

    Just submitted and received an email saying:
    ‘ Our open submission period begins on Monday 2 March and closes Sunday 15 March. Outside of these times this mailbox will not be manned, and any submissions sent in will not be considered….’
    It’s 12 so i figured it would be ok to send it in now as it is technically Monday but i just wanted to check that it was ok? probably being paranoid.

    • Sara Lennon says:

      I too submitted at 2 minutes past midnight on 2 March and got the same response as you. I have just resent it and got this response: ‘Many thanks for entering the Tinder Press Open Submission.
      If we wish to see more of your work, we will be in contact in due course. ..’ I suggest you resubmit.

  • Ray Jay Perreault says:

    If I haven’t heard from you in what span of time should I consider that you passed on my story?


  • Ray Jay Perreault says:

    If I haven’t heard from you in what span of time should I consider that you passed on my story?


  • Chantal says:

    I would suggest you go and take a look at the books they publish on their website and then determine whether you can send in your submission. I am going to try this competition. But don’t allow rejection to destroy you. After three years of rejection and disappointments. at publishers, I am finally making a breakthrough with some articles and letters. So good luck everyone!

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  • Judith Vaddi says:

    I published a book of poems last year through Partridge Publishers and am working on my book (fiction) now – could I then qualify for the submissions mentioned above? Thank you.

  • Ballerina says:

    To everyone asking if their romance or women’s fic novel is eligible for this. Tinder is a literary imprnt – there are dozens of brilliant romance publishers out there. Don’t waste your time on this one!

  • Gary says:

    Which format (i.e. via Word or PDF) do you recommend as best for submission purposes?

  • Supriya says:

    How about co-authored works? Me and another writer are putting together a short-story collection on a common theme. Can we enter the competition?

  • Valya Alexander says:

    Dear Tinder,
    You ask for an outline of any novel being submitted; do you have any preferences or rules for outlines? Mine, for instance, is one page, 933 words long for the full synopsis. Or I can include a blurb type outline.

    I should think the open submission will be a lot of work for you, so many thanks for doing it.

  • Virginia Moffatt says:

    I have a collection short stories published with a small independent press – does that rule me out?

  • William says:

    Whoever is replying to these emails has the patience of a saint, I hope that you are at least taking turns.

  • Katie says:

    Hello there:

    Would you accept a brief novel synopsis in place of an outline?


  • Angelica Barone says:

    I accidentally hit send before I finished my email. I resent my application with the attachments both as a pdf file and below the email but I haven’t gotten a second confirmation email. What should I do?

    • tinderadmin says:


      Not to worry, that is just because Outlook only sends Automatic Responses once. We will have received your submission fine.

  • C. Evans says:

    I’ve never been great at ‘genre’ labelling…can you please clarify that you do not want fantasy novels? Thanks.

  • Rebecca Beattie says:

    Wow! What an opportunity. One question. I have a non-fiction book being published in the next six months, but I would like to submit one of my novels (unpublished by your guidelines). Would I be precluded?

  • Rebecca Beattie says:

    Wow! What an opportunity. One question. I have a non-fiction book being published in the next six months, but I would like to submit one of my novels (unpublished by your guidelines). Would I be precluded?

  • SL says:

    If you have had novels published under a pen name (that is not your real name) with small press publishers – does this disqualify you from entering?

    • tinderadmin says:

      If you have been published before by a legitimate publishing company, you are disqualified from entering.

  • Bill Harrod says:

    Where do I find your address and conditions for submissions and do you accept email submissions or postal submissions?

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  • Jo Carroll says:

    I had an academic book (about therapeutic play with abused children) published by Blackwell Scientific in 1998. But no fiction. Does this disqualify me?

  • Sharon Eckman says:

    Thanks for this – great opportunity.
    My first three chapters only hit 42 pages. Obviously happy to submit 50, but will come in halfway through chapter four. Which would you prefer?

  • Spencer J. Andrews says:

    How do we submit, that’s all I need to know…

    12 font times double spacing standard. Okay first structured 50 pages…

    But I could find no where in the blog ,an email, or submission process, on how to send the 50 pages too you???


    Spencer J. Andrews

  • Zepher says:

    What file format should it be submitted in? PDF, Word, EPub?


  • Fiona says:

    My novel was published by a small Christian publishing company called Onwards & Upwards. They ran a short run and it was jointly funded between myself and the publisher. Am I eligible to submit?

  • Anne says:

    Will you consider non-fiction?

  • H. Bauer says:

    What is the desired file format for the requested 50 pages? Should it be a PDF, MS Word, or other?

  • Henning Bauer says:

    I don’t see any information here regarding the desired file format for submitted documents. Is PDF okay, or should I use something else?

  • Henning Bauer says:

    Ack. Sorry about the double post. First one seemed gone of a sudden, then it was back…

  • Gladys Bauer says:

    I noticed that Katie’s question: would you accept a brief novel synopsis in place of an outline did not receive a reply. Since my question is similar—–

  • Jonathan says:

    Gladys, I was curious about the same question–but I noticed on March 4 that Tinder *does* say a brief synopsis IS okay in lieu of more detailed outline.

  • Alex Mitchell says:

    My question is ‘How irritating has it become to answer the same questions in perpetuum?’ 😉

  • Alex Mitchell says:

    My question is ‘How irritating has it become to answer the same questions in perpetuum?’ 😉

  • Sue H says:

    Do you accept submissions – outside this particular window – from already published authors who have a new completed manuscript?

  • Henning Bauer says:

    Your guidelines state that “the spelling and grammar of your submission” should be “in the best condition possible.” Does this mean that non-UK authors need to emend variant spellings such as ‘theater’ vs. ‘theatre,’ etc.?

  • bobwriter says:

    Can anyone read here?! Seriously, full marks to Tinder Press staff for fielding all these inane questions.

    Jesus people, it’s for an unpublished book, up to 50pp, ‘for previously unpublished writers of fiction’. Obviously self-published novels are fine (ie, technically unpublished, ie by a ‘proper’ publishing house); obv poetry is not.

    ‘I only have 42 pages…I published an academic book in 1990…Can I submit a category you don’t accept…’


    I cannot believe the inanity of other questions above asking if, eg, Times New Roman 12 is acceptable…. 1) if your book is good enough, any font will be fine; 2) Times 12 is the standard when submitting mss; 3) has no-one heard of the Writers’ Handbook or Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook?

    And re theater v theatre above, I would assume that as it’s a UK publisher, words should be in UK English – and if not – again, pretty sure that any publisher isn’t going to reject a brilliant mss because it uses US rather than UK English. Jesus H Christ.

    No wonder publishers look down on unpublished writers. Which makes good writers and books unacknowledged/unpublished because they get lumped in with the dross of people who cannot write, Seriously, people. Stop embarrassing those of us who do get sales and do deserve a book deal with your unresearched, embarrassing, questions. Kinda cringing here.

  • […] are accepting un-agented submissions at the moment. One that’s caught my eye is Hachette’s Tinder Press. As long as you’ve never been published by a traditional publisher – no matter how small a […]

  • Alienora Taylor says:

    This sounds brilliant. I have self-published two novels since last December, using CreateSpace; I hope this is not a problem.
    I hope to submit 50 pages of my third later on today.
    Thank you for giving us this space.

  • Ruby Speechley says:

    Hi, I’ve had a non-fiction book printed by my former employer – self-published by them in effect. Am I eligible to submit my novel to your open submissions? Many thanks.

  • Manuri says:

    Hi there, I have an unpublished short story I would like to submit. Would it be correct to assume that I can submit the complete story (it’s less than 50 pages) in the same format (i.e. 12 pt, in a font similar to Times New Roman, double-spaced ) ? Many thanks!

  • M Evans says:

    I’ve submitted but received no receipt. Who should I contact?

  • rohit says:

    I haven’t been published yet but I do have an agent as of now. Do I qualify to send my submission?

  • […] Tinder Press wants your submissions! (Thanks, Heather!) […]

    • Don Gervich says:

      Tinder Press

      My novel is about 50 thousand words total.

      It is single spaced, yet with double spaces between each paragraph.

      Thus it has a good deal of white space, and is easy to read.

      But do you prefer me to double space the entire manuscript?


  • Gillian says:

    i have signed a contract for my first book but it’s not out yet – does this make me ineligible. I would like to enter my second book!

  • Don Gervich says:

    hello Tinder Press
    My novel is a bit less than 50,000 words;
    now it is single spaced, yet with double spaces between every paragraph.
    That is, it has plenty of white space and is easy to read.
    Is this format fine with you–or should I change it all to double spaced?

  • Loretta Livingstone says:

    I understand that the fifty pages should be sent as an attachment. Should the outline and author bio also be sent as attachments, or as an email?

  • Rebecca says:

    Goodness me. A quick summary:
    1) read the instructions
    2) if you have your name on a book already, you can’t enter (unless you published it yourself online).
    3) Adult literary-ish fiction only, completed mss only.
    4) double-space in Times New Roman 12pt for mss.
    5) add 1-2 page synopsis and short biog separately.
    6) enter online at the email given in the instructions.
    Can’t be that hard, surely? Now to edit the first 50pp of my completed novel…. a much tougher task.

  • Marky says:

    At the 50 page point, I’m about four pages from the end of a chapter. Would it be better to submit 54? or if I font-cheat and send it in Garamond it comes in at about 49. Do I then send the first page of the next chapter? I’m sure no reader wants to read Garamond anyway. What shall I do?

  • E.M. Killaley says:

    My synopsis is closer to 3 pages. Is this acceptable? Or should I try to cut it down to 2 pages?

    Thank you!

  • John says:

    Could you please specify the exact deadline: i.e. 23:59 of the 14th or the 15th?



  • Gwen Hall says:

    I have written a romance novel about a beautiful millennial woman who is a chef in a trendy restaurant in Las Vegas. She uses online dating site to find a man. Lots of original humor when she and her female friends search for the Holy Grail of men in Las Vegas. Do I understand correctly, no romance novels? This is my first fictional novel.

  • Nancy Owen Nelson says:

    I tried to read through all of the questions and could not find this answer. I have edited several collections of essays under college and and university presses. I have small publications in some journals (poetry, nonfiction).
    Am I qualified to submit my novel?

  • helena says:

    What “ownership” does Tinder Press have on one’s material once it has been submitted?

  • Melanie says:

    Hi! Is this something that happens every year? Thanks!

  • Mark Williams says:

    How about an interim update for your overall Open Submissions on volume, quality, geographic span, etc… Everyone would be interested to hear how it’s going.

    Thank you,

  • CD13 says:

    I’ve had a novel published by a small publisher but only in e-book form. Am I still eligible?

  • CD13 says:

    Sorry, I should have emphasised that I’m interested in submitting my second (unpublished) novel.

  • Byron Lawson joce says:

    I have written a short guide and critique of Dad’s Army to include the TV series ,stage shows and original film.
    It ties in with the imminent release of the new film next February! It is obviously not fiction so am I right in assuming that it would not be an eligible submission.
    Many thanks

  • Daniel Thomson says:


    I was just wondering if there was any guidance on the length of the author biography and story outline?

    Best wishes,


  • Hanne Larsson says:


    Does the one piece of work only qualify if it’s a short story as well (significantly less than 50 pages!)?


  • HL Gibson says:

    I’ve scrolled through the posts, and I don’t believe my question is a repeat. Should I address my e-mail to a specific person beyond the e-mail address given?

  • Jacqui Hyffes says:

    Pardon my ignorance but which is the correct email address to submit my 50 pages to as it keeps refusing to send.

  • Jude says:

    Is the deadline midnight of the 15th March. Thanks.

  • Megan Hughes says:

    what an enlightening discussion! I’ve never seen so many silly questions before, from people who haven’t bothered to read the instructions. Gives me an idea of what agents and publishers have to wade through every day; no wonder they don’t have time to respond.

  • Patrick C Notchtree says:

    I have a book which follows the protagonist’s life. The style changes as he grows older. So the FIRST 50 pages may not be typical of the book. Can I select excerpts from later in the book totaling50 pages?

  • Michael Langford says:

    I would like to submit the first 50 pages of a new, unread novel, but first I want to see if this is allowed because (i) I have published academic books (non-fiction) and (ii) I have published two novels, one on line, and one privately, but neither through a regular publisher. I have no agent.

  • Patrick C Notchtree says:

    My book follows the life of the protagonist. The first 50 pages is written through Simon’s eyes as a child. The style changes as Simon grows older to reflect the passage of his life.
    Would excerpts from later in the book totalling 50 pages be acceptable?

  • Melissa says:

    Hello, I was wondering if by “outline,” you mean a synopsis of the entire book? Or do you mean an actual map-like outline with Title, Subject, followed by numbered notes. Thank you so much!

  • Dan JJ says:

    In response to Patrick, I guess it is best to still submit only the first 50 pages or so; if 50 pages is mid-chapter, admin said in an earlier answer that a few more pages is fine if it goes to the end of chapter.
    My own question:
    I have looked through the WHOLE of the competition info on this page and all the questions/answers, and there was one question regarding the VERY IMPORTANT issue of how soon after the submission deadline any authors who are unsuccessful can SAFELY assume that their works have not been accepted. Many of us unpublished authors are submitting our novels and other works all the time to publishers/comps/agents and ANY uncertainty about WHEN we can safely re-submit our MS to other sources can cause inconvenience. As you stated that unsuccessful authors will not be contacted, it would be a REAL help for us to know WHAT DATE we should have heard by if not successful. ALSO, would it be possible, depending on number of submissions, to consider sending a standard ‘unsuccessful’ email to those concerned during your next submission round; nearly all publishers/competitions do so these days, as it is courteous and requires little effort, unless you are dealing with something like 20 000 entries!

  • kate sorel says:

    On the Tinder Website, it is impossible to actually submit! Is this a scam?

  • Lord Givemestrength says:

    I’m confused. The bendy bit in the middle of my arm has a hole in it and smells of doo-doo. Please help.

    PS When you say the first 50 pages do you mean the first 50 pages or a hippopotamus?

  • Ritesh Kukrety says:


    First of all, my heartiest applause on such an innovative, much-needed step to help first time writers without literary agents. You’re doing a commendable job, and these initiatives would lead to more authors and promising stories to come forward.

    I am an unpublished writer in India, and wish to connect to the readers in UK through my novels. I am presently working on two projects. A brief (not the kind you wear):

    1) One is a coming-of-age of an Indian Engineering graduate who learns the meaning of family, friendship, love, hopes, ambition, dreams and life itself, as he makes his somewhat erratic way through college, career and relationships. It is a satirical dig on Indian society, education system and professional work culture seen through the eyes of a young adult, which while light, still raises. The heavy Indian Diaspora in the UK would be able to connect with this piece. The prologue for this novel can be viewed at http://www.supramandiary.blogspot.in/2015/03/something-or-other-prologue.html

    2) Second one is envisioned as a high fantasy novel series set in a not-so-perfect medieval world; nothing is black and white, and characters behave as people do in the real world. While the traditional high-fantasy elements of magic, mystique and wonder are present, the storyline differs from the usual medieval high fantasy sagas. The main story derives heavily from Indian myths and history which have been subtly altered and Anglicised to create a unique world atmosphere catering to the taste of a global audience.

    The storyline is a combination of several parallel plots, and can be briefly summarised in the following lines:

    “Before the world came into existence, there was nothing in the primordial chaos. But then there was the Word, and so it began.”

    In a kingdom with petty rivalries and waning concepts of honour, a few righteous men shall make their stand. In the land where people have forsaken gods and morals are traded for profit, a prophecy shall be fulfilled. A world where pragmatism and selfish interests are preferred over kindness, a boy shall learn from his mistakes. But more than most, in all the bloodshed and violence where the innocents find no mercy, a hope shall be rekindled – of a better tomorrow…

    Now that I’ve pitched my ideas, let me come to the problem I am facing – I came to know about this contest quite late (not that I would’ve been able to do anything had I known about this earlier, what with a predilection of switching between the two stories as it suits me), and will most definitely miss the deadline. Now I am willing to send across the sample chapters to you, but they’re nowhere near 50 pages. However, I believe both the titles hold enormous promise, with the latter having the potential to scale the heights of trend-setters in the genre. The final word is yours, of course, but if I have managed to have you read through this soliloquy, I think I have demonstrated skill enough as a word-smith to have piqued your interest a bit. Do let me know if you find this interesting – my email address is riteshkukrety1390@gmail.com 🙂

  • Valerie Ishii says:

    What kind of outline do you prefer? Do you want to know all the ins and outs of the plot, or should I steer clear of spoilers in order to whet your appetite?

  • abhilash says:

    how soon can we expect to hear whether the submission has been accepted?

  • Bale says:

    Should the submission be sent as an attachment or be pasted in the body of the email? I need a quick answer to this. Submission will close tomorrow

  • Sam says:

    I’m not being funny, but some of the questions on here are so stupid. You should bear that in mind during the selection process.

  • Charmaine Taylor-Monsees says:

    May I ask what time the submission closes today?

  • Racquel Williams says:

    Oh my gosh! I sent in my submission at 10:30 pm tonight, but I just realized that was 2:30 AM your time. :(. Will my submission still be eligible?

  • Mirah Todd says:

    I also sent in my submission after midnight GMT. I live in Jamaica and sent it in at 8:18 EST. I did not get a confirmation email that it was received.

    Did I miss the deadline?

    If I didn’t, how do I know if my submission was received?

  • Gene L. Thompson says:

    Thanks for the opportunity. Any idea how many submissions you received? How long should we wait before re-submitting elsewhere? Thanks again.

    • tinderadmin says:

      We have no time period within which we are promising to respond, simply due to the amount of submissions received! Please feel free to submit elsewhere in the meantime.

  • Jilly Moxham says:

    I take it from reading the above it is only fiction? I have just completed my memoirs which most would think is fiction!

  • Al Watt says:

    I submitted a short story for consideration on 9th March (Schadenfreude), will I be notified whether or not you like it?
    Thanks for your time, Al Watt.

  • Rohini Sunderam says:

    How many weeks after the deadline constitute ‘in due course’?

  • Steve Langley says:

    Any idea when you will announce your final selection?

  • jackie kabir says:

    Dear Tinder Press
    I have submitted a collection of 10 short stories. How do I know if they have reached if they have reached at all. And how will i know if they have been accepted or not?

  • Niall McArdle says:

    “We are currently reading through these, a process we should have completed by the end of the summer. If your entry was successful, you should have heard from us by this point.”

    Not to be a pain, but does “you should have heard from us by this point” mean now (early July) or does it refer to the “end of the summer”??

    Thank you

  • Amanda Griffiths says:

    Guess if we haven’t heard by now then we have not been successful.
    Thanks to you all at Tinder to give us a chance at publication.
    I will try harder. I dream of being published one day.

  • Sue Denholm says:

    Come on, Tinder, summer has long since finished, please put us out of our misery. Who – if anyone – caught your editorial eye?

  • Steve Langley says:

    Whatever happened to this? Was a winner found? Can’t find anything on the blog.

  • Andrew Stevens says:

    I was wondering if you could publish a quick update for this competition. Many thanks.

  • Smithg997 says:

    Im grateful for the blog article.Much thanks again. Cool. debfadegdkaaecaa

  • steve langley says:

    A year on and we’re STILL waiting for Tinder to make an announcement? This is shoddy, unprofessional and cheap.

  • Susan Powell says:

    Question – having read competition terms:
    Would a self published ( yes) book of short stories ( yes) in poetic form? be a suitable submission.
    Also a series of short stories in series form aimed at ‘young adults’
    Thank you.

  • brian king says:

    You seem to have published novels by writers who have previously published. Do you have another imprint to which published authors may apply?

  • Steve Langley says:

    The Bookseller wants a word with you. Interested?

  • Sr. Gisela Maria Garlock says:

    Is there a submission possibility for 2016-2017? I just found Timder Press while looking for publishing options for my finished novel.

  • Gisela Maria Garlock says:

    Looking for publishing options for my completed novel, I just came upon Tinder Press. My question is will there be a 2016 to 2017 contest?

  • Bob Dale says:

    Was any of the writers work accepted who entered this open submission? An update would be nice as some of us are still checking on here 16 months later to see the outcome of this process??

    Thanks, Bob

  • Nelisa Nono says:

    Evening Mem. I would like to know if you do buy all rights to a self published children’s book.

  • John Morris says:

    I have completed a novel – not YA or children’s.
    OK, it’s not 2015 any more.
    Can I still submit?
    John Morris.

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