A PLACE CALLED WINTER in Bestseller List

April 2, 2015

There were celebrations at Tinder Press HQ this week as it was announced that the delightful Patrick Gale had hit the Sunday Times bestseller list with his first full historical novel, A Place Called Winter. A stonking publicity campaign organised by our very own Georgina Moore saw Patrick whisked around London for the entirety of the week, leading on to a programme of events that will number 50 by the time the campaign is over.

Tinder Press was incredibly proud to be able to publish its first of Patrick’s novels, especially one that has provoked people’s emotions quite so strongly. Reviews such as ‘his most powerfully moving novel yet’ (Independent), ‘utterly heartwrenching’ (Sunday Mirror) and ‘the overwhelming emotion in this fine book is one of tender, life-affirming joy’ (Sunday Express) reveal the strength of feeling that Harry Cane’s journey of self-discovery incites in readers.

A generous gift of Camel Valley sparkling wine, freshly delivered from Cornwall by the author, came in very handy and needless to say, didn’t last long. Three cheers, Mr Gale.


One comment on “A PLACE CALLED WINTER in Bestseller List”

  • Sam Rimington says:

    Hello, Having attended again Mr Gale’s latest talk at the Fowey Festival of Words and Music a month ago, I bought his new book at Ann and David Willmore’s Bookends of Fowey. I finished reading ‘A Place Called Winter’ this morning and am still shaking. I found it very moving indeed His epic tale of Harry Cane’s journey from Edwardian gentleman to Canadian settler was truly epic. I think it caught perfectly, the grand scale of events at that time, in Canada and in the world, but it also caught exactly I think, details of individual lives at that time, both ‘straight’ and ‘gay’. I greatly appreciated the, if not happy, at least bittersweet ending! So many ‘gay’ stories over the years, like ‘Brokeback Mountain’, have ended less kindly!
    I thought ‘A Place Called Winter’ a wonderful story, and offer Mr Gale my warmest congratulations. One point though! How MUCH of it was true!
    Many Thanks

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