A Place Called Winter picked for Waterstones Book Club

October 5, 2015

Patrick’s Gale’s fifteenth novel A PLACE CALLED WINTER is his first with us at Tinder Press and we are thrilled that Waterstones have picked it for their autumn Book Club this year. If you’re yet to read the book described as ‘a tender tale of loss and love’ by The Sunday Times and ‘his best book yet’ by Country Life, this fulsome review on the Waterstones blog might just convince you…

‘The book is based on a true story, and is all the more poignant and moving because of it. Patrick Gale used research into his own, enigmatic great-grandfather, Harry Cane, to write this story. He began with only a few inconsistent and tantalising details: that this rich family man, with a baby daughter, upped and left his family, and the comforts of Edwardian England, to be alone in the harsh, near-wilderness of Canada, never to be welcomed back into the family again. From this, he envisaged a solution to the mystery – an answer that he felt fitted. The book is a hymn to his ancestor.

Steampunk daydreams of this natty time of gorgeous, hand-made wares and steam-powered engines – but one thing that makes Steampunk fun is that it transplants a modern perspective onto Victorian/Edwardian relationships. The truth of our actual steam-age, was sadly a bigoted, narrow one. One where homosexuality was a crime. This book explores the often shocking behaviour of family, of ‘healers’, and of law makers towards gay men – in a time where there was almost no language to describe homosexuality. The book quotes E. M. Forster, “England has always been disinclined to accept human nature” – so was much of the Western world at this time. It is hard not to look back in anger – we have a long way to go, but, it can’t be denied, that we have come a long way since then…’

Continue reading the review here: https://www.waterstones.com/blog/book-club-a-place-called-winter 


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