LOOK AT ME: Printmaking and Competition Time!

February 29, 2016

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I’m a big fan of printmaking, the process itself, and the many beautiful ways it

can be done. LOOK AT ME was the perfect opportunity to make a screen print

from one of the book covers I’d designed.

I contacted the London Print Studio : www.londonprintstudio.org.uk,

a superb place offering a wide range of printing facilities, exhibitions and

courses – all under the careful watch of experienced technicians.

Having provided the artwork to the digitaldepartment in advance, it was processed onto clear

acetates, one for each colour – green, orange, black and gold. After choosing the paper colour and

thickness and cutting it to size, I prepared the colours by mixing the pigment with base paint.

I exposed the screens with light-sensitive emulsion and hosed them down wearing

mask and ear protection, see the picture above. The Power Hose is great fun, one of the

highlights of the process! Blasting off the unstuck emulsion reveals the positive holes

which allow the paint to be passed through.

A screen print is created by pulling through the paint using a ‘squeegee’ over the screen mesh,

working with one colour at a time, until it is finished with the final colour, gold in this case.

(It’s a bit like sieving through a stencil onto the surface beneath.)

The excitement of not knowing how each print would turn out was an intriguing

change to the very close, quick control of working on the computer. The overlapping colours,

 the textures of paint not pulling through completely, the mis-registration of artwork, and other

 imperfections are what make screen printing an amazing and unpredictable experience.

story board 3

Look At Me by Sarah Duguid was published by Tinder Press

in hardback on 25th February 2016.


If you would like to win one of these prints with a copy of Sarah Duguid’s

gorgeous debut, please email marketing@headline.co.uk with your mailing

address under the subject line ‘LOOK AT ME screenprint

The competition closes at midnight on 14th March and full

Terms & Conditions can be read here.




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