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March 9, 2016

Our fantastic Publicity Manager, Elizabeth Masters, will soon be leaving Tinder Press for pastures new *cue unbridled sobbing*. Before she leaves, she has very kindly given us a sneak peek of her fabulous literary bookshelves.

Shelfie 2

HEFT – The most unlikely friendship is born between a 550 pound Brooklyn resident and 17 year old former student.   It was the cover that drew me to this novel and I was entirely won over by the believable characters and their emotional journey.  It was sad to say goodbye to Arthur…

THE ICE PRINCESS – I adore Camilla Lackberg’s novels and have read the whole series now.  Patrik and Erica are two very readable characters and over the course of the series, I have been entirely absorbed into their little family in Fjällback

WHERE’D YOU GO, BERNADETTE? – If you liked A VISIT FROM THE GOON SQUAD, you will love this.  Elgie is so many things to so many people but her relationship with her daughter Bee is something everything needs to read, irrespective of whether or not they are a mother– compulsive reading.

BIRDSONG – All-time favourite novel, ever. EVER.  I have read it a dozen times and will probably read it a dozen more in my lifetime.  One of the most accessible commentaries on the Great War and of the men that were left broken by their experiences;  it is a thought-provoking display of how much a human spirit can endure.

A MOVEABLE FEAST ­– A classic.  It makes me want to pack my bags, journey to Paris and become an impoverished writer in a small, cold rooftop studio…

ALL MY PUNY SORROWS – A firm favourite among the Tinder Press team that made me out and out sob on my commute.  Against all odds, it is a hilarious novel in parts and so very, very moving, especially if you have siblings.

THE BEES – What a jacket!  Shortlisted for the Baileys and the Desmond Elliot (and jolly well deserved too) this is a novel that transports you to another world inside a beehive where class is key and survival and loyalty are everything.  The imagination behind this novel is breath-taking.

H IS FOR HAWK – This had the most phenomenal PR campaign behind it and was published with so much passion by Vintage.  If you have ever lost someone, especially a parent, this is a difficult read but a very important one on how to reunite death with life.  One to read if you enjoyed MEADOWLAND and A BUZZ IN THE MEADOW.

GHOST MOTH – I read this after Michèle Forbes gave a wonderful quote for the Tinder Press debut The Mountain Can Wait.  With fantastic sense of place, this novel explores the ramifications of one hot summer in Northern Ireland and how the ghosts of our past will never be silenced…

VALLEY OF THE DOLLS – A cult classic. Stardom, fame, enemies, fortune, a must read for any woman.

AWAY FROM YOU – Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.  This made me proud to work for Hachette to read a novel like this.  Detailing the sacrifices parents make for their families, it is distinctly heart-breaking.

ELIZABETH IS MISSING –This novel has snapped up many a prize since publication and it is remarkable to remember this is a debut.

HER – Called the ultimate ‘frenemy thriller’ and with good reason; its unsettling, invasive and stays with you long after the final page.

THE BEAR – Sarah Leipciger introduced me to Claire’s writing and I can see why she is was so taken with this novel; this is another phenomenal offering from Vintage.  Five year old Anna wakes up to hear her mother screaming and her father terrified; she is alone in the woods with her little brother… this is edge-of-your-seat type reading.

I CAPTURE THE CASTLE – I read it every year and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future; Scoatney is undoubtedly one of the best houses in literature and Cassandra has to be the most charismatic narrator.


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