THE HOUSE OF BIRDS takes flight

November 4, 2016

Take a wonderful novel, a brilliant author, the ultimate neighbourhood bookshop and what do you get? The perfect launch for a Tinder Press novel. Last night we raised our glasses in style to The House of Birds, a book that critics can’t seem to stop calling ‘sumptuous’. We were surrounded by passionate book people in West End Lane Bookshop in West Hampstead, a place I would urge any book lover worth their salt to visit as soon as physically possible. Even the window was bedecked with numerous copies of the novel, though with a cover that beautiful, who could blame them?


One very happy author

Part of the evening was spent with Morgan in discussion with Cathy Rentzenbrink, book-champion-extraordinaire and author of the bestselling The Last Act of Love. Cathy affirmed that this is one of the rare novels she enjoyed just as much on second reading and went on to question Morgan on a range of topics, from her inspiration to her opinion on the use of swearing in literature (the consensus was two thumbs up for our four-letter friends).


After questions from the audience, chairs were put aside, corks were popped and we spent the rest of the evening celebrating this very special book and generally having a lovely time.

Huge thanks to Danny and Heidi for hosting us and making it such a special evening. Cheers to #HouseofBirds!



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