Exciting Acquisition News: LAST ONES LEFT ALIVE

October 13, 2017

In our first exciting acquisition news of the autumn, we are thrilled to have acquired two books by Sarah Davis-Goff, co-founder of Irish independent publisher Tramp Press.  LAST ONES LEFT ALIVE takes place in a post-apocalyptic Ireland, stalked by zombie-like creatures known as the skrake, and opens with heroine Orpen pushing her wounded aunt in a wheelbarrow towards a mythical Phoenix City. What Orpen encounters there will transform her understanding of her childhood and her identity, and reveal the roots of the Emergency that has destroyed Ireland. Tinder Press Publisher Mary-Anne Harrington described it as ‘a book that just seized me, in an almost visceral way; I couldn’t bear to be parted from Orpen on her journey, but it’s a book that’s haunted me, too, with its terrifying vision of a society in which women are offered only the starkest of choices in terms of their destiny. It’s also gorgeously written, with a unique voice and characters to love. I feel so honoured to be launching Sarah on her fiction career’.  The second novel will be a companion piece set in the same world and featuring some of the characters who appear in LAST ONES LEFT ALIVE.  Harrington bought two books for World English from Sallyanne Sweeney at MMB Creative as a pre-empt.  Tinder Press will publish LAST ONES LEFT ALIVE in hardback in January 2019.

Sarah Davis-Goff said ‘I’m so delighted and proud that Mary-Anne and the team at Tinder Press fell for my writing: they were the very first to read Last Ones Left Alive. It will be fascinating to sit at the other side of the table in this process, as a writer rather than a publisher, and I hugely look forward to the experience. I can’t wait to get to work with such an interesting literary imprint, and this wonderful team, and would like to thank my agent Sallyanne Sweeney for her talent and conviction.’

Sallyanne  added ‘It’s been a joy to discover that Sarah is as good a writer as she is a publisher. In Mary-Anne and Tinder Press we have the dream home for LAST ONES LEFT ALIVE and I can’t wait for readers to meet Orpen in 2019.’


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