A Change of Wardrobe

June 25, 2018

One of the pleasures of publishing is seeing old favourites clothed in new livery. HEARTBURN, Nora Ephron’s deliciously funny novel of love, betrayal and revenge, has just come out in this beautiful Virago Modern Classic edition, along with a host of other favourites.

At Tinder Press, we’ve been working on releasing the entirety of Patrick Gale’s backlist this year, in the run up to the late summer publication of his wonderful new novel, TAKE NOTHING WITH YOU, about which Rachel Joyce has just written: ‘It’s delicious, it’s dear, it’s heartbreaking and very funny. Eustace’s gradual awakening to music, to his own sexuality and the complication of the adult relationships around him is told with a supreme balance of delicacy and laughter’.

Some of Patrick’s previous books were no longer in print, and many of them still had lovely covers, but we wanted to take them out to new fans who had enjoyed A PLACE CALLED WINTER, and who had watched MAN IN AN ORANGE SHIRT, the television drama written by Patrick that wooed millions in 2017 as part of the BBC’s ‘Queer Britannia’ series, and is now showing around the world. In terms of publishing, we decided to make the books available in digital format as soon as we could, and then release batches of the print editions throughout the year.

It’s always tough for an author to say goodbye to original covers, but our Head of Creative, Patrick Insole, and Patrick Gale have a good relationship (rumour has it they actually are related) and see eye to eye on images and what they want the covers to say. We’d published A PLACE CALLED WINTER to great success with photographic images for both the hardback and paperback, and we wanted to give a nod to that look, while moving it on a little, and also keep the packaging in the style of the forthcoming TAKE NOTHING WITH YOU.

By the end of this year, all of Patrick Gale’s novels and stories will be in print with Tinder Press, and they are all available digitally now. We really hope you love the way they look (four of them are below), and that these covers entice you to read some gems you may not have tried before.


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