Tinder Press reads

September 14, 2015

A small selection of what the Tinder Press team were reading and enjoying this month. My current bedtime read is Liza Klaussman’s brilliant Villa America. Set on the French Riviera in the 1920s, and based on the couple who were said to be an inspiratio …


On the road with Sarah Leipciger

June 15, 2015

Last week, our very hard working Tinder Press author, Sarah Leipciger, has had three fantastic events to promote her phenomenal debut, The Mountain Can Wait. On Tuesday, we visited The Kew Bookshop, a fantastic independent in West London where, in the …


Pony Boy was a Writer

March 4, 2015

My daughter Eve, who recently turned 10, brought her first early reader home from school when she was four. We go in the car. We go on the train. We go on the bus. Big black print on white page, illustration of car or train or bus on opposite pages to …


Johanna Lane on childhood inspiration

February 10, 2015

Every Sunday when I was a child, my family drove from our Dublin suburb to County Wicklow, to the house that my maternal ancestors built in the 17th Century, and re-built after it had been destroyed by a fire in the 19th. Leaving behind the busy city, …


A Patrick Gale Journey

January 9, 2015

I first read Patrick Gale many years ago, when I was a fledging editor in another publishing house. Then, over the years, I fell in love with his writing, his very warm heart, sense of place, and his unerring way of digging deep into the soul of a char …


A New-Look Maggie O’Farrell

January 5, 2015

When we launched Tinder Press, it was very much on our minds that although Maggie O’Farrell has a huge fan base and is one of our most beloved authors, her novels (the first, AFTER YOU’D GONE, was published back in 2000) were all still in their origina …


Judy Chicurel: In My Own Words

December 15, 2014

Years ago, I attended a housewarming party given by one of my colleagues at the alternative high school where I taught English. The house was in a more affluent, secluded part of town, close to the ocean and further from the threat of retail expansion. …

Strange Girls and Ordinary Women

Morgan McCarthy: My Favourite Character to Write

November 6, 2014

The kinds of characters I enjoy writing always shift from novel to novel. In THE OTHER HALF OF ME, Eve’s cool villainy often appealed to me more than Theo’s endearing innocence. But by the time I was writing THE OUTLINE OF LOVE I was drawn to Ivy, a ‘g …

The Good Children


October 23, 2014

Sometimes the idea for a book just hijacks you, takes you captive, and you know you’re not going to be free again until you’ve written yourself out. That’s what happened with THE GOOD CHILDREN, when I was working on a quite different book, about an iso …


Andrea Levy: A video introducing SIX STORIES AND AN ESSAY

October 23, 2014

In SIX STORIES AND AN ESSAY, Andrea Levy, author of the Man Booker shortlisted novel THE LONG SONG and the prize-winning, million-copy bestseller SMALL ISLAND, draws together a remarkable collection of short stories from across her writing career. “Non …