Brian Kimberling

With wry humour and real freshness, SNAPPER charts the disastrous love affair between career birdwatcher Nathan Lochmueller and the place that made him.

Nathan Lochmueller studies birds, for just enough money to scrape a living. He drives a glitter-festooned truck, the Gypsy Moth, and is in love with the enigmatic and free-spirited Lola. Around them swirls a remarkable cast of characters: the proprietor of Fast Eddie’s burgers, the genius behind ‘Thong Thursdays’, a snapping turtle with a taste for thumbs and a German Shepherd who howls backing vocals. As he creeps through the undergrowth observing the birds he loves, Nathan must come to terms with the occasionally absurd turns his life has taken, and grapple with the dilemma that faces every small-town boy: should he stay, or should he go?

Paperback book
Published on August 15, 2013